Digital World trends

 TV

 Social media

 Website

 Blog

 Forum

 E mail

• Website: This is your most important digital channel and the place

where your online clients will learn the most about you. Easy to understand

content needs to be updated regularly with the whole site mobile optimised

too, meaning it can be viewed on any device. This is increasingly important

Digital marketing trends with figures published by the International Telecommunications Union

(ITU) showing that globally 1.2 billion people access the web via mobile


• Video: A video on your website gives your firm a personality and allows

you to get across information that isn’t always easy with text alone. It also

keeps people on your homepage for longer which means your clients are

more likely to get in touch and become a paying client and so it becomes a digital marketing trend today. Showing how

professional you are in your videos will also reflect how professional you

are in the services you offer.

• Search Engines: Following the previous steps will help your website

appear above your competitors in the results of search engines like Google,

when a potential client is searching for a service you offer. You can increase

this further by looking at pay-per click (PPC) campaigns to refine exactly

where you appear when certain search keywords are used. A full service

digital agency can assist you in creating a PPC campaign so you’re able to

generate good leads and analyse how well the campaign is working.

• Social Media: download

Social media marketing inwoklves Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn are where peer

recommendation come into play. Being on social media allows current

clients to talk about how great your service independently. It also gives you

a chance to add links to your blog and your website, while also interacting

with potential new clients.

• Blogging: As explained earlier, writing a regular blog helps keep your

website higher up in search engine results. But as experts in law, writing

short articles on legal matters, offering basic advice, or opinions on recent

sector changes show that if the reader ever needs a lawyer you’re the one to

contact. It also gives you another chance to point your social media

channels to your website.

• Email: Offering an email newsletter is a great way of keeping in touch

with previous clients for repeat business. According to the Direct Marketing

Association email marketing ROI was £21.48 for every £1 spent in 2012,

proving it’s a fantastic investment.

Using digital channels does not mean you have to stop the traditional

methods used to interact with new and current clients. But as more and

more people look for services online, the importance of not accessing the

market via digital channels become clear. If you are not using the channels

your clients are to find the services they want, then you will be left behind.


Emerging trends in Marketing.

*You tube

*Video marketing

*programmatic advertising (

*mobile marketing (

*in-store marketing (


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